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When digitalization
creates a bridge
between foodservice players

In the dynamic Out-of-Home arena, clarity of vision and strategic innovation

are the beacons guiding brands and establishments towards success.

Understanding the evolution of Fyre


The year of our creation, the beginning of

2 years of software development


Creation of the technical platform of the solidarity operation



Deployment of our plug & play

solution for sell-out data collection


More than 20 000 connected outlets and 600 beverage brands analyzed

Armed with the belief that data and technology are the enablers of industry transformation, we have embraced a Data Driven approach to demystify market trends and refine strategies with precision.

Our arsenal of digital and marketing solutions is designed to propel you to new heights, facilitating seamless interaction with your customers and boosting your sales in new ways.

Our specialization in the field of Out-of-Home is not the result of chance, but the result of more than 50 years of cumulative experience, forged at the heart of the challenges and opportunities unique to this sector. Our team of experts, true navigators of the Out-of-Home market, are your most valuable ally in this quest for growth and excellence.


Together, let's embark on a journey into the future, armed with the best data, technology, and know-how in the sector.

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Restaurant Bar

In the wake of our commitment to revolutionize the Out-of-Home sector, we initiated the JaimeMonBistrot operation, an emblematic project which embodies our vision of an ecosystem where suppliers, outlets, and consumers converge towards perfect synergy.


This initiative was designed to support and promote the local fabric of bistros, by creating a bridge between the quality of suppliers, the authenticity of outlets and consumer loyalty. 


Plug & Play


Our culture of innovation is also manifested through our Plug & Play, designed to easily connect to outlets' POS systems, allowing smooth and secure data collection.


This ability to integrate and analyze sell-out data in real time is at the heart of our strategy to deliver valuable insights, improve operational efficiency and personalize the customer experience.

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Fyre in numbers :

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Brands analyzed

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connected POS systems

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consumer audience

per month

Ready to revolutionize
the HoReCa market?

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