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Foire aux Questions

  • Why is loyalty essential for my establishment?
    Because 5% more loyal customers means 25% more margin on average at the end of the year!
  • What is "cashback"?
    • This is a percentage of purchases made in a digital wallet • The kitty can be used on site or online as a credit during his next visit • It drives customers to come back naturally without communication efforts • It is suitable for all types of establishments • It is appreciated by all ages and different social backgrounds
  • Why is cashback so important?
    • 5 times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to recruit a new customer • +27% average ticket among regular customers compared to regular customers • +25% additional margin with only 5% increase in loyalty • 65% of loyal customers tell their friends and family about your establishment and build a strong online reputation for you
  • What can I put on my QR Code?
    Absolutely all the links you want! • Loyalty cashback • Satisfaction form • Social networks • Mobile payment • Music Playlists •Good partner plans … You choose, it's limitless!
  • What if my customers are not digital enthusiasts?
    Thanks to our solution, you will above all be able to create a link with French consumers of the new generation. More than 60% of French people know what a QR code is, and how to use it. Our solution is made for this type of customer.
  • I already have loyal customers
    That's great! Our solution will be able to help you communicate with them automatically and further strengthen your bond with them. Increase your traffic, your notoriety, your visibility.
  • Does this change anything compared to my POS?
    No, it doesn't change anything! We adapt to the equipment already in place in your establishment.
  • I fear that the payment solution will push my customers to leave without paying
    The merchant receipt that comes out of your printer that allows you to track bill payments. This technology will not encourage your customers to leave without paying.
  • I want to keep the link between my clients and my servers
    All our solutions are first and foremost designed to help your servers. They are the ones who manage their room and their customers. We just bring him an additional tool to facilitate his service. This in no way takes away from the customer relationship. Once your server has seen the proof of payment that the customer must show it, it indicates in your cash register software that the bill has been paid.
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